About the Conference

The 5th 2023 International Youth Conference on Radio Electronics, Electrical and Power Engineering (REEPE) is an international forum for the exchange of ideas and information on power and energy systems, nuclear applications and mechanical engineering. The fields of interesting deal with the issues of Nuclear and Mechanical applications, voltage regulation in electric power networks of 10 kV and above, up to 1150 kV, ways to increase the dynamic stability of the power system, the development of the methodology for testing the support of overhead power lines, methods of electrical energy regulation, electricity supply of residential buildings and industrial enterprises, electricity losses in networks, monitoring the power quality and assessing the impact of modern electrical appliances on electric supply, design, development, modeling, operation, management and evaluation of the efficiency of power plants based on renewable energy sources, as well as modeling of natural processes for practical use, issues related to high voltage technology, relay protection and automation.

The Conference provides a unique opportunity for engineers, designers, and people from industry to interact with manufacturers, energy utilities people and university researchers and to discuss a wide variety of topics related to power and energy systems and environmental issues. The 5th REEPE 2023 is expected to be one of the Russian largest, longest-running, professional networking and educational event.

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The 5th REEPE 2023 Conference event will be held on March 2023 from 16 to 18 at Moscow Power Engineering Institute, Moscow, Russian Federation.

All versions of the International Youth Conference on Radio Electronics, Electrical and Power Engineering (REEPE) have been published on IEEE Xplore and on SCOPUS.

REEPE Conference Benefits:

I)   Selected high-quality papers will be eligible for Submission with free-fee to one of the two IEEE IAS periodic journals:  A) IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications and B) IEEE Industry Applications Magazine for further review (subjects should be related to IEEE IAS Tracks ).

The information about these journals are:

  1. IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications (Impact-Factor: 3.654 and cite score: 8.9 on the SCOPUS. This journal refers to Q1 on the SCOPUS and SJR with 195 H-INDEX. Moreover, it refers to Q1 and Q2 on the Web of science and on the Journal Citation Reports (JCR)).
  2. IEEE Industry Applications Magazine (Impact-Factor 0.671 and cite score: 2.3 on the SCOPUS. The journal refers to Q3 on the SCOPUS and SJR with 55 H-INDEX. Moreover, it refers to Q4 on the Web of science and on the Journal Citation Reports (JCR).

II)   All the accepted and presented papers will be eligible for submission to IEEE HQ for publication in the form of e-proceedings in IEEE Xplore, which is indexed to world's leading Abstracting & Indexing (A&I) databases, including ISI / SCOPUS/ DBLP/ EI-Compendex / Google Scholar.

III)   Authors of the best-introduced papers in each section of each day during the conference event will be awarded diplomas of the first and second places from MPEI.

IV)    All participants will receive an official certificate of participation and presentation in the IEEE conference from the conference and MPEI.

Conference fields of interest

  • Power, Energy, and Industry Applications;
  • Nuclear and Mechanical Science Applications;
  • Components, Circuits, Devices, and Systems;
  • Fields, Waves, and Electromagnetics;
  • Computing, Signal Processing, and Analysis;
  • General Topics for Engineers;
  • Transportation.

Working languages


Organizers of the 5th 2023 REEPE conference


Prof. Dr. Rinat Nasyrov

General Chair of the REEPE conference.

General Chair of Russian XXVII REEPE conference.

Associate Professor, PhD, MPEI, Moscow, Russia.

Email: NasyrovRR@mpei.ru

Tel. +7(495)362-76-48

Office: D-2/9, 17 Krasnokazarmennaya St., MPEI


Dr. Mohamed A. Tolba

Co-Chair & Technical Program Chair of the REEPE conference

Assistant Professor, PhD, MPEI, Moscow, Russia;

EAEA, Cairo, Egypt.

Email: matolba@ieee.org

Tel. +7(495)362-79-48

Office: D-203, 17 Krasnokazarmennaya St., MPEI

Eng. Liana Vitalievna

Treasurer of the REEPE conference

MPEI, Moscow, Russia.

Email: ShavaliyevaLV@mpei.ru

Tel. +7(495)362-70-12

Office: D-2/12, 17 Krasnokazarmennaya St., MPEI



Eng. Irina Zubkova

Scientific and Technical Secretary of the REEPE conference

Senior Lecturer, MPEI, Moscow, Russia.

Email: Zubkovais@mpei.ru


Eng. Anastasiia Chernysheva

Program Secretary of the REEPE conference

Assistant Lecturer, MPEI, Moscow, Russia.

Electrical Power Systems Department, MPEI


Dr. Andrei Valianskii

Assistant Professor, PhD.,

Email: ValianskyAV@mpei.ru


Dr. Artem Vanin

Assistant Professor, PhD.,

Email: artem.vanin@gmail.com



Eng. Maxim Burmeyster

Assistant Lecturer, M.Sc.,

Email: BurmeysterMV@mpei.ru

Institute of Radio Engineering and Electronics, MPEI


Prof. Dr. Roman Kulikov

Associate professor, PhD.,

Dept. of Radio Systems.

Director of the IREE Institute.

Email: KulikovRS@mpei.ru


Prof. Dr. Ansar Safin

Associate professor, PhD.,

Dept. of Formation and processing of radio signals.

Email: arsafin@gmail.com  



Dr. Maria Fedorova

Lecturer, PhD.,

Dept. of Industrial Electronics.

Email: FedorovaMI@mpei.ru

College of Engineering and Technology, Arab Academy for Science, Technology University (AASTMT) in Cairo, Egypt


Dr. Mohammed Alhasheem

Assistant professor, Ph.D., at AASTMT.

Consoler of IEEE AASTMT, Cairo STB, Egypt.

Email: moa@ieee.org


Eng. Youssef Hossam

Student, Electrical and Control department, AASTMT.              

Chairman, IEEE AAST Cairo STB, Egypt.

Email: youssefhossam.egy@ieee.org


Eng. Omar Maged

Student, Electrical and Control department, AASTMT.

Vice-Chairman, IEEE AAST Cairo STB, Egypt.

Email: omarmaged@ieee.org


Eng. Amr Hany

Student, Electrical and Control department, AASTMT.

Secretary, IEEE AAST Cairo STB, Egypt.

 Email: amrhany@ieee.org

​Center of Scientific Publication Analytics and International Ranking Research (CPR), Bauman Moscow State Technical University (BMSTU), Moscow, Russia


Prof. Dr. Mikhail Ivanov

Professor, PhD.,

Head of the CPR

Email: mivanov@bmstu.ru

csp2.pngEng. Hammoud Ahmad,

Deputy Head of the CPR.

Email: hammoud@bmstu.ru


Eng. Ksenia Zykova

Deputy Head of the CPR.

Email: zykova.ki@bmstu.ru


Eng. Daria Voronkova

Lead Engineer of the CPR.

Email: voronkovadk@bmstu.ru

​International Plenary Speakers


Prof. Dr. Ali M. Eltamaly

Full Professor, PhD.,

Chair professor of Saudi Electricity Company in power system reliability and security, King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Dept. of Electrical Engineering, Mansura University, Mansura, Egypt.

Email: eltamaly@ksu.edu.sa


Prof. Dr. Mostafa Shaaban

Associate Professor, Ph.D.,

Dept. of Electrical Engineering,

American University of Sharjah,

Sharjah, Emirates.

Email: mshaaban@aus.edu



Prof. Dr. David Pozo

Associate Professor, PhD.,

Center for Energy Science and Technology,

Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology,

Moscow, Russian Federation.

Email: D.Pozo@skoltech.ru



Schedule will be announced on 15-30.02.2023

Important Dates

Full paper submission (Start date):

September 15, 2022;

Final full paper submission  (Deadline/End date):

November 15, 2022 
December 15, 2022;

Notifications of full acceptance and Camera Ready:

November 30, 2022
February 10, 2023


Address: 17 Krasnokazarmennaya St., Moscow Power Engineering Institute, National Research University, 111250 Moscow, Russian Federation.