I Radio engineering and Electronics

1. Theoretical basis of radio engineering

2. Generation of oscillations and signals

3. Radio signal processing devices

4. Antennas and propagation

5. Radarlocation and TV technologies

6. Quantum electronics

7. Radio navigation and communication systems

8. Photonics

9. Industrial electronics

10. Electronics and nanoelectronics

11. Biomedical Electronics

II Information technologies

12. Mathematical modeling

13. Applied mathematics

14. Computer engineering and CAD systems

15. Computing machines, networks, and systems

16. Control and intelligent technologies

17. Computer-measuring systems

18. Non-destructive control and diagnostics

III Security and information technology

19. Information security

20. Applied and business Informatics

IV Electrical engineering, electromechanics, and electric technologies

21. Electromechanical energy converters

22. Physics and technologies of materials and components

23. Electrotechnical and electromechanical systems and complexes

24. Electrical and electronic apparatuses

25. Electric drive and automation

26. Industrial electric-thermal installations

27. Electric vehicles

V Technosphere safety

28. Technosphere safety

VI Economics and management

29. General issues of the economy

30. Industrial economics

31. Management

VII Energy and economy of enterprises

32. Industrial electric power engineering

33. Energy of heat technologies

34. Processes and apparatuses of industrial heat engineering

35. Energy saving and industrial ecology

36. Industrial heat power engineering systems

37. Electrochemical and hydrogen energy

38. Economics of energy

VIII Nuclear energy and thermophysics

39. Nuclear power plants and installations

40. Problems of thermonuclear power engineering and plasma technologies

41. Thermophysics

42. Technologies and physics of low temperatures

43. Nanotechnologies

IX Thermal power engineering

44. Boiler installations and environment protection

45. Water and fuel technologies for thermal power plants (TPP) and nuclear power plants (NPP)

46. Operation schemes and regimes of thermal power plants

47. Monitoring, automation, and control in power engineering

48. Heat engineering and small distributed power engineering

X Power engineering machinery

49. Power engineering installation and engines

50. Problems of technology, reliability, and designing

51. Robotic and mechatronic systems

XI Electrical power engineering

52. Electric power engineering systems

53. Power supply

54. History of energy

55. Electric power stations

56. Electrophysics and control systems of electric power engineering objects

57. Theoretical basis of electrical engineering

XII Hydropower and renewable energy sources

58. Hydropower and renewabl energy sources


59. Industrial and media design

60. Electric power in the military

61. Technical creativity of students of secondary vocational education

62. Electric power industry of Central Asia

63. Special issues of electric power industry in Eastern Europe